Strategic Partnerships


The concept of Mobiliteach stems from the project Work Based Learning Summer School project G.A. 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006226. Launched in 2017, its aim was to create training opportunities for improving teachers competences in the field of Erasmus+ projects for students mobility. Its network has grown throughout the years to include more VET schools and organizations, creating new strategic partnerships.

One of these was Mobiliteach: Improving Work Based Learning in Mobility by Increasing Teachers’ Planning Competences G.A. 2018-1-EL01-KA202-047962 that developed new training resources for teachers upskilling in Erasmus+ program.

Another one was Mobiliteach – In-depth Sectoral Specialisation of VET Teachers G.A. 2019-1-FR01-KA202-063205 and also Enhancing Teachers’ Competences on Sustainable Tourism G.A. 2020-1-IT01-KA202-008511, both widening the scope of their trainings objectives beyond Erasmus+ competences building. According to specific sectoral needs, they aimed to create connections among didactics and international internships. The objective was to develop new strategies for their mutual integration and, in this way, enriching and strengthening the professional career development in VET.

Moreover, the methodology and training modules conceived during these strategic partnerships have been a reference point for the development of Mobiliteach Teacher Training within the project Intervet WB G.A. EAC-2019-057, addressed to Western Balkans teachers and trainers.

All in all, the Mobiliteach network keeps growing dynamically but the overall commitment remains unchanged: provide active learning opportunities for European teachers on a regular basis, mainly through the exchange of good practices, experimental activities and working groups.


Work Based Learning Summer School


November 2017 – October 2019

WBL Summer School has been a 2 years project aimed to create an innovative training module (the Mobiliteach Summer School) to increase the quality and the quantity of learning mobility in VET by allowing practitioners to share experiences and good practices. Through the exchange of practices and tools, the partnership has developed a training course on internationalisation for school staff which has been tested twice. The first edition of the “WBL Summer School” took place in Bologna (Italy) in June 2018 and the second one in La Rochelle (France) in July 2019. These Summer Schools worked as pilot initiatives which allowed to test some prototypes of training events that will be replicated in the future to equip as many European teachers as possible. Click here to discover more about the project and the partnership.


Mobiliteach: Improving Work Based Learning in Mobility by Increasing Teachers’ Planning Competences


November 2018 – January 2021

Mobiliteach has been a 2 years project aimed at strengthening the competences of school staff, in particular teachers in planning and managing European projects. The project has been generated by the results of “Work Based Learning Summer School” with the purpose of enriching the training modules for teachers with new activities by integrating more practices from a wider number of European organisations. The first edition of the Summer School took place in Gastouni (Greece) in September 2019 while the second one was organised online in December 2020. Click here to discover more about the project and the partnership.


Mobiliteach – In-depth Sectoral Specialisation of VET Teachers


September 2019 – October 2021

The project aims to enhance teachers’ competences in Erasmus+ student mobility projects and combine them with interdisciplinary didactics that involve STEM in Hospitality. Throughout two years, experts of STEM, mobility providers, and VET institutes will organise three training events for exchanging their experiences on cross-disciplinary practices and students’ mobility. Workshops will be organised in order to develop possible pathways in which the educational institution could improve the integration of interdisciplinary didactics, also thanks to the integration of international WBL experience in the curricula.
Click here to discover more about the project and the partnership.
The first training event was held online in December 2020, more information about it can be found here. The second training event will take place in Lisbon in July 2021 and the third training event will be organised by the end of 2021 in Athens.


INTERVET WB – Internationalisation of VET systems in the Western Balkans

G.A. EAC-2019-057

The idea behind the project is to create opportunities for learning mobility in the training centers of Western Balkans and support the modernisation and internationalisation of Western Balkans VET system. VET institutes from 7 Western Balkans countries will be involved in a variety of activities addressed to students, teachers, headmasters and practitioners. The project foresees activities at two levels: on the one hand, the mobility of VET learners and on the other, the competence building of VET staff, especially in international mobility projects. For this purpose, three Mobiliteach teacher trainings will be organised.
Click here to discover more about the first edition that took place in July 2020.


Enhancing Teachers’ Competences on Sustainable Tourism


September 2020 – July 2023

The main objective of “ECOTOUR” is to introduce the theme sustainability in class, with particular reference to the tourism industry. Thanks to this project we expect to update teachers’ competences in technical subjects pertaining to the tourism sector; integrate environmental sustainability in VET curricula; enhance the internationalisation strategies of VET providers. In order to reach these objectives, three thematic seminars will be organised on: innovative teaching approaches applied to the tourism sector; environmental sustainability at school and internationalisation of education. Discover more about the project and the partnership here.