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Boost Cross Disciplinarity: STEM & Hospitality Contamination

The idea of this training originated from the belief that every part of our lives is increasingly related to the science of craft in one way or another and that the work world will be more and more internationally linked.

Designed within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus project  “Mobiliteach: In-dept sectoral specialisation of VET teachers”,  the training will offer the possibility to share best practices among VET teachers, administrative staff, directors,  and mobility menagers on cross disciplinary didactics between Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) and Hospitality. Participants will be engaged in workshops in order to generate innovative methodologies to be included in their didactic programs and abroad WBL experience. 

Learning Outcome will be:

  • Peer to peer learning and development on cross-disciplinary methodologies approaches and didactics planning for the school formative offer renovation
  • Plan and  write learning  mobility project for VET students
  • Methodologies for the organization and management of high quality WBL experience abroad
  • Innovative instruments for intercultural learning to be applied in the classroom

Venue: Fondazione Golinelli, Bologna -Italy

Dates: February 2020

Language: English


Day 1 

  • Partner and project presentation
  • Get to know and workshop on expectations and background experiences
  • Cross disciplinary didatics in STEM and Hospitality: introductory workshop

Day 2

  • State of art: best practice sharing on cross disciplinary didactic methodologies
  • Workshop on new teaching technologies: how to boost STEAM and Hospitality contamination

Day 3

  • Expectations of stakeholders involved in mobility projects
  • Workshop on mobility Project life-cycle 
  • Workshop on project planning and writing 
  • How to support students while abroad: sharing best practices  

Day 4

  • Workshop on intercultural learning
  • What I’m bringing home?
  • Final evaluation and debriefing session