The project has been realized and implemented by a network of experienced partners:

Aigaleo Public Institute of Vocational Training

The Aigaleo Public Institute of Vocational Training (DIEK Aigaleo) is the biggest and oldest Institute of Vocational Training in Athens, with above 700 students of various specializations. The Institute was established in 1992 and since then thousands of students have graduated. The public vocational educational training institution aiming at providing its students and accomplishing the highest level of quality courses as a VET provider. It delivers vocational training for adult students 18+ with particular emphasis on technology. There are currently 14 different specializations like I.T., Automation, Renewable Energy, Medical Equipment, Mechatronics, Elevators, Heating & Natural Gas Technicians as well as Cookery, Food & Beverages, Tourism and Interior & Object Designers. The 150 teaching staff are experienced VET trainers with expertise in their field. DIEK Aigaleo has a Career office that organises the WBL and the Apprenticeship for the students and an EU Projects office that manages Erasmus+ projects.


Insignare is a non-profit association, which has been working for more than 20 years in the areas of teaching and vocational training. Within the varied range of vocational courses available, Insignare provides level 4 secondary education courses with both vocational and academic qualification. It owns two VET Secondary Schools, one focused in Hospitality – Fátima Hospitality School – and one focused in Industry and Services – Ourém Vocational School. Both Schools are EQAVET certified. Moreover, it also provides vocational training through short courses for adults, thus promoting lifelong learning.
It has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects, namely KA 1, KA 2 (School Exchange, VET and Adult Education) and KA 3, as it was before during Long Life Learning.

Fondazione Golinelli

Established in Bologna in 1998, by the will of entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli, Fondazione Golinelli currently represents the sole Italian example of a fully operational private philanthropic foundation, inspired by Anglo-Saxon models. It spreads initiatives dealing with education, professional training, research, innovation, business, and culture. The aim is to offer everyone – young and old – the necessary tools in order to understand the future, by fostering cultural growth, awareness and the ability to responsibly face what lies ahead, both from a professional and a human point of view. Fondazione Golinelli collaborates with the primary Italian public institutions and with the leading academic, cultural and scientific partners, on a local, national and international level. FG is also partner in several Erasmus+ projects, such as “Start up Europe” for students on mobility and entrepreneurship education, and HE5 Project “Mobility of Vocational Education in Training, where students are involved into hands-on activities on chemistry and forensic science.

Vocational College of Bergisch Gladbach (BKGL)

The Vocational College of Bergisch Gladbach (BKGL) has about 2.400 students and about 150 teachers. We provide general education and professional qualifications in several levels (i.e. basic, intermediate and highschool level) in full-time and part-time classes (German Dual System). Our subject areas are:  a) technology, b) art/design, c) social education and health and d) hospitality. We are an ambitious newcomer in mobilisation. We have worked with our own and foreign ERASMUS projects (i.e. AIA, IKAB, District Authority of Cologne). We participated at a big/important project called THEME ( aims of the THEME project were: a) facilitating mobilities, b) ensuring their high qualitiy which is based on ECVET process and all its instruments.


ALFMED, founded in 2005 in Perpignan, France, is a private institution of higher education and an accredited Language Training center specialized in Languages. Its core activity consists of 3 sectors: providing continuous Language training for French companies/Certified Examination center for TCF-TOEIC-BRIGHT; offering French linguistic and cultural immersion combined with work based learning; International and European Mobility projects management & counselling for VET schools, High Education training centers and SMEs. ALFMED is involved in many ERASMUS+ KA1 and  KA2 transversal European projects and stands as the biggest Erasmus+ internship hosting organization in France


UNISER is a cooperative based in Italy that provides services for learning mobility since 1998. The core activity is the design and organisation of experiences abroad for schools and training centers wishing to integrate mobility in their curricula, offering internships in Europe both to their learners and staff. In this framework, Uniser coordinates the Mobiliteach project with the aim of sharing its own experience and network, supporting and reinforcing the community of VET teachers and mobility coordinators dedicated to learning mobility.

Vocational High School “Kolin Gjoka”

The school is a public VET institute located in Lezhe, Albania that was opened in 2003. Its creation allowed to restore the valued tradition of Vocational Education in the city and nowadays it has become an important institution for the professional preparation and civic education of youngsters. Thanks to highly qualified and dedicated pedagogical staff ( 43 teachers, 2 deputy principals and 1 principal), it provides training programs in the fields of  Hospitality and Tourism, Economy-Business, Information and Communication Technology, Food Technology, Social and Health Services.  Kolin Gjoka currently offers training solutions for 498 students and, among them, 328 take part in professional practices in 102 business partners that closely cooperate in the setting up of tailored learning modules. 
Beside this, the school also offers career orientation service through the “Development Unit” which aims to support students to succeed not only in their school studies, but also to equip them with the necessary skills to be prepared for the labor market.