Connecting Art and Science at school for transversal approach to culture and knowledge

The course will focus on the close link between art and science; how science can be used in order to enhance, preserve, restore pieces of art and architectural works, and how science and technology can be a tool to develop creativity.

Teachers will deal with case studies focusing on Italian art and architecture in order to discover how the different branches of science – chemistry, biology, physics – and new technology – 3D scanning and modelling – can be used to preserve artistic heritage. 

Moreover teachers will take part to lab activities to experiment how art and science can be connected and become part of a unique didactic experience.

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about local and national Italian art history, conservation, and restoration, and also finding out about artists who use scientific techniques in their works.

Designed by Fondazione Golinelli in cooperation with Uniser.

4 days programme & 2 day travel: dates to be agreed.

Venue: Fondazione Golinelli, Bologna- Italy

Language: English.

Standard daily programme

Day 1

  • Partner and project presentation
  • Get to know and workshop on expectations and background experiences
  • Science, technology and art: introductory speech and workshop 

Day 2

  • Urban workshop in the old city of Ravenna known for its well-preserved late Roman and Byzantine architecture,
    with eight buildings comprising the UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • A guided and interactive visit to focus how science and technologies can be used to enhance, preserve, restore pieces of art
    and architectural work.

Day 3

  • Science and technologies as artistic tools for creativity
  • Workshop of genetic art and digital art and meeting with modern artists
  • Art and science and school impact: word caffè to reflect on follow up at school

Day 4

  • Team pitching
  • What I’m bringing home?
  • Final evaluation and debriefing session