Unleash teachers’ competences on students WBL abroad: plan, manage and report

Designed and organized within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus project “Improving work based learning MOBILIty by Increasing TEachers’ planning competences”, the training will gather VET teachers and headmasters from all over Europe that will share their experience, the latest insights into the learning mobility,  national context challenges and opportunities on planning and implementing an internship abroad. 

The general objective is to broaden VET providers understanding of the WBL abroad and its added value, foster competences of VET teachers/trainers on Erasmus+ mobility projects and integrate it within the VET curricula. 


  • Innovative teaching methodologies;
  • More competences on Erasmus+ learning mobility projects rules and operation; 
  • A wider network of school partners all around Europe;
  • Inclusive management strategies and instruments for mobility projects;

Venue: Sevilla, Spain

Dates: 23-26 Giugno 2020

Language: English


Day 1 


  • Partner and project presentation;
  • Get to know workshop on expectations and background experiences;
  • A story about mobility: KA1 mobility project life cycle workshop
  • 5 shades of expectations: how to deal with different points of view and needs;


  • Workshop on communication strategies and tools 
  • Guess who: Role game on all the information you need to provide /know for a successful internship abroad 
  • Mobility Management: The importance of the official documentation
  • Student Selection: workshops and world café 

Day 2


  • Student preparation: workshops and world café 
  • Workshop on the do’s and don’ts at the first meeting with the company
  • During the mobility: how to monitor the internship and support students while abroad


  • Company visits where students are generally hosted

Day 3


  • Quality management of the mobility project 
  • Workshop on indicators


  • No impact no party: instruments and strategies for measure and guarantee your project has a durable impact 

Day 4

  • My Mobiliteach portrait: role game to summarize what participants learnt during the training event 
  • Final evaluation and debrief section