The project has been conceived and implemented by a network of experienced partners:

  • C.O.P.A.E. Ilis is a Greek organization active in the fields of youth, education and training since 1991. C.O.P.A.E. ILIS works with and for young people to build a rich exchange and educational network beyond borders. Its main goals are to promote the exchange of ideas and intercultural dialogue among young Europeans, support formal and non-formal education and the Vocational Training, promote Greek and European culture and encourage initiatives and support project leaders. C.O.P.A.E. Ilis is supporting VET providers in setting up mobility activities for their students, by enabling the access to internship abroad to dozen incoming and outgoing students every year. In this framework, C.O.P.A.E. ILIS coordinates the Mobiliteach project, with a view to share its own experience and network, to enhance VET teachers WBL competences using the tools and the skills developed in previous strategic partnership and to support learning mobility.
  • Uniser is a social cooperative based in Italy that provides services for learning mobility since 1998. Its core activity is the design and organisation of experiences abroad for schools and training centres wishing to integrate mobility in their curricula and to offer internships in Europe to their learners and staff. In this framework, Uniser is participating in the Mobiliteach project with the aim of sharing its own experience and network, supporting and reinforcing the community of VET teachers and mobility coordinators in the field of learning mobility.
  • Alfmed, founded in 2005 in Perpignan, France, is a private institution of higher education and an accredited language training center specialized in languages. Its core activity consists of 3 sectors: providing continuous language training for French companies with its status as Certified Examination center for TCF-TOEIC-BRIGHT; offering French linguistic and cultural immersion combined with work based learning; International and European Mobility projects management & counselling for VET schools, High Education training centers and SMEs. Alfmed is involved in many ERASMUS+ KA1 and KA2 transversal European projects and stands as the biggest Erasmus+ internship hosting organization in France.
  • Foyle International established in 1990, is a language school based in Derry, North West Ireland. Foyle is the longest established language school in Northern Ireland, and the first to receive the prestigious British Council Accreditation marquee. Foyle is specialized in providing quality and innovative language teaching, social & activity programmes, summer school and vocational training. Foyle has also developed good relationships with other local vocational education & training providers, focusing in the enhancement of quality in vocational training and guidance.
  • Incoma is a specialised training agency working with projects of an international nature, developing initiatives and ideas to facilitate mobility exchanges and to improve training levels amongst citizens. It was founded in Seville in 2003 by a group of young people who had themselves previously been beneficiaries of EU-funded educational programmes. Incoma’s work primarily consists in the development of mobility and research projects, as well as in the transfer and exchange of good practice (targeting groups at risk of exclusion, eg. Unemployed young people, women and the immigrant community).
  • Epal Lechenon (Vocational Lyceum Of Lechena) is a public institution that belongs to the standard non-compulsory Greek Education System (upper Secondary). Situated in a provincial area, it offers 3 professional sectors with their respective divisions: a) Mechanical Engineering, b) Finances and Business Administration, and c) Informatics & Computer Sciences. Currently, there are 160 students and 33 teachers (16 regular). Graduate students may apply for a 1 year apprenticeship (dual system) or/and at the Institute for Vocational Training in the evenings. The school is very active in European Projects providing professional and educational opportunities, developing cultural awareness and open-mindedness, increasing motivation to learn and explore, improving language skills and gaining new transferable skills for students and teachers.
  • I.S.I.S.S. ‘Magnaghi-Solari based in Italy (Salsomaggiore Terme and Fidenza) is a secondary school in the field of Catering, Tourism and Agriculture, providing full time vocational and technical education. Its students – over 1300 – come from different provinces and often travel long distances to reach the school. They are very motivated as they aim to achieve regional professional qualification, up to their final educational step i.e. state Diploma. They developed the traditional teaching schemes by adding more training activities, workshops, lectures, professional events, work-based learning in Italy and abroad that can raise the students’ awareness of democratic living, active European citizenship and sustainable future. Students are constantly engaged within a wide range of educational issues and professional activities, facing innovative solutions, promoting inclusion, cooperation and team working and fostering integration of formal and informal learning.
  • Roc Da Vinci College is the regional training centre that offers secondary and tertiary vocational training programs in the southern part of the province Zuid – Holland (South Holland South). Over 400 different training programs are offered in 18 locations. There are also contract courses for adults in company as well as in college. Thanks to close links between Da Vinci College, companies and institutions, students are well prepared for the labour market and / or for further studies. Da Vinci College has an important responsibility towards society: the school inspires students to get the best out of themselves and to take responsibility for their learning process. An essential goal is that students develop citizens who are aware of their responsibilities and are able and willing to contribute to the quality of society.