The trainers of Mobiliteach – Bologna 2018

This Summer School will be overseen by an international team of practitioners coming together with a common goal: to give a wider access to learning mobilities for WBL learners and improve the quality of these experiences.

Coming from organizations of all around Europe, our team is composed of diverse profiles and background, sharing their experiences will help to see different points of view and methods, facilitating the different working sessions.

Lucia (Italy)
Outgoing, curious, warmly enthusiastic, I’ve been experimenting life abroad since I was 15 and I truly believe that learning mobility is a powerful opportunity that should be accessible to all youngsters. An important experience to cope with contemporary society and labour market. A powerful tool to build a better world. Graduated in Social Economics, in 2012 I started cooperating with Uniser, in 2014 I became member of the cooperative, since 2017 I’m responsible for Research and Development. Our dream? To bring Erasmus to all the schools and training centres providing life changing experiences to their students. The R&D mission? To improve and to innovate our work in order to always be at the forefront of learning mobility.

Annalisa  (Italy)
I can clearly remember the first time I was abroad for a mobility experience: fear, curiosity, misunderstandings, new concepts pushing into my mind, people completely different from me, opposite feelings coming in the same moment. I was shocked and excited. I thought “How can you live such a change in your life without working for other people to have the same?” For this reason, after a Master in International Relations I started to work with the Erasmus program. In 2015 I started with Uniser, where I coordinate Schools Consortia. I love my job because it is all about how to empower schools and make them able to get the tools to improve their offer for students. If education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, to work to improve the education system is a great challenge.

Luca (Italy)
I’ve started working in international affairs while I was studying for my master degree in social economics. After a short time in the field I became particularly interested in European projects because of their impact on the life of individuals and institutions. After my bachelor degree in international relations I took a year off to discover Europe and myself. During that time I participated in the first edition of Moving Generation, a training programme developed by Uniser, which deeply affected my future career choices. For me mobility is about learning who you are, pushing yourself beyond your limits and always wanting more. I work everyday to make sure that all young people could benefit from the same learning mobility experiences that I had. 

Andrea (Italy)
Andrea Lombardi, 36 years old, Italian. After graduating in foreign languages and literatures in 2006, he had several working and study experiences abroad, where he shaped his professional background in Eu mobility projects and strengthened his language skills to be able to work fluently in English, French and Spanish. He joined Uniser in 2008, since then he fully dedicated his professional life to the development of services for learning mobility, an activity he’s deeply in love with. He is now the CEO of the cooperative, taking care of its general management and strategic planning. Dreaming, travelling, food and wine are its main occupations in life when he’s not working.


Tamara (Spain)
With my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. Great admirer of teachers’  work, dedicating my time to support them in everything I can to improve education to create better and happier people. After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics by the University of Oviedo (Spain), I started to work as a consultant dealing with commercial and financial viability of industrial real estate developments such as logistic platforms . However, missing an international and a more human approach in my work, I went to Germany to enrol on a Master of Arts in European Studies by the Hochschule Bremen, which I completed in 2012. Since that year I’ve been working in EU projects mainly related to education and since 2014 I’m the coordinator of international projects in HETEL, a Basque association of VET centres.

Vanessa (France)
Fundamentally optimistic and a 100% pure product of mobility after almost 7 years spent working abroad,  one of my main goals is to show young people that there is always a place around the world made for them, they just need to find it. Deeply convinced by the power of mobility projects, I am lucky and proud to work for a French VET center extremely committed to the sharing of knowledge, whose motto is « learning by traveling ». After completing a Masters in educational project engineering, I have now been working for Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France as International training manager for over  3 years. With this summer camp we are actively participating in the democratisation of mobility for apprentices and VET learners.


Sérgio (Portugal)
A frequent user of airport waiting lounges, a surrounding reality observer and an irreverent optimistic, I’m a strong believer in the power of travelling to open our minds and our hearts, sharing  the same belief regarding its benefits when applied to students and learners. Working in international mobilities since 2010, I’m quite lucky to work in an organization that considers this way of learning as strategic to its activity.
Graduated in Management, went for a Master in Human Resources; not happy with that, achieved also a post graduation in Marketing and an Executive Master in Hospitality Management. I work as International Cooperation Coordinator at INSIGNARE.

Izabela (Belgium)
Shaped largely by learning and living abroad, I’m a firm believer in non-formal experience-based education, preferably combined with international mobility. Not surprisingly, my profession is to organise European training activities focused mainly on intercultural competences and active citizenship. The organisation I have worked for since 2007, the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, has a very idealistic mission: to contribute to a more just and peaceful world. For me these are not just empty words. I chose this field because of my values and previous experience as a volunteer, rather than because of formal education (my rather unrelated degrees in Business Administration and Classical Music :-). Yet, I have a huge admiration and respect for school teachers, and very much hope for more synergies between formal and non-formal contexts and approaches.

Emanuela (Italy) 
Enthusiastic,  outgoing, curious, tenacious, optimistic and very stubborn…at the age of 8 years old, I met my Australian cousins for the first time. The impossibility to communicate with them and to know their world instilled me a great love for foreign languages and travelling. Since then, my dream has been to become a teacher of foreign languages to transmit this passion to other people. My first learning mobility experience was at the age of 14 and I became a teacher when I was only 24. Now, I’m 42 and I love my job and I love my students more and more and, for this reason, I always encourage them to do at least one learning experience abroad during their lives. I firmly believe that students learn a lot travelling and meeting different people and cultures, especially if they have their teachers’ support. This is why teachers should be aware of the great opportunity of learning mobility because it helps students to develop a sense of autonomy and independence…it helps them to discover new things and above all to discover themselves. I’m enthusiastic to be involved in the summer school because it will give us, as teachers, interesting tools to deal with learning mobility and new learning approaches and especially because I’m sure it will  motivate us to continue to do the best in our job.