The methodology of Mobiliteach – Bologna 2018

The methodology used during the Summer School is based on experiential learning and active involvement of the participants. It includes a combination of indoor activities, mainly oriented towards promoting interaction and peer learning among the attendants and simulations of real life situations, but also outdoor activities where experiential learning is addressed through immersion of participants into the local culture from a personal and professional point of view.

“This “hands on” style of learning is much more effective than passive methods where the learner is just a recipient of information. Involving participants actively and challenging them with new situations drives emotions in them, and when something triggers an emotion you learn faster and you learn better.”
(Tamara, trainer)

Each day participants will explore the city by working in different venues and by experiencing study visits to local hosting companies or to places that are important for the local community.

Traveling together around the city, sharing spaces, accommodation, meals and time is a part of our “learn by doing” approach which enables participants to experience what life abroad will look like for our students.

“Learning by doing” is one of the best strategies used with pupils because learning is not memorizing notions but understanding and interiorising. To do this,  people need to be active, to be involved while learning. They need to reflect, to think, to be aware and finally to love what they are learning. So, we can call it learning by doing… but also, by thinking and by loving.”
(Emanuela, trainer)

“We are aware that asking our learners to take such an active role in this course could be considered as an extra load of work, especially when compared to a more traditional course, but we know that this way they will learn in a more efficient and funny path, by critically sharing ideas and best practices that can be adapted to their reality.”
(Sérgio, trainer)