The idea behind Unleash teachers’ competences on students WBL abroad

In the same spirit as Erasmus+, our final objective is to enable students from all schools and training centers to have access to a working experience abroad during their curricula.

“WBL in Mobility” is a travelling Summer School addressing teachers of VET schools, staff of Mobility Coordinating Organisations and Mobility Providers from all over Europe interested in improving their competences on planning and managing Erasmus+ mobility projects.

Based on role-plays, workshops and exchange of good practices, “WBL in Mobility” will enable participants to completely immerse themselves in each step of an Erasmus+ mobility program as students, hosting organizations and/or other stakeholders. This innovative approach will help them gain new skills to coordinate and promote their mobility projects as well as enlarge their Erasmus + network.

At the end of the Summer School, participants will return to their home country and bring back to their organization lots of new tools and a much better understanding of each stakeholder and their expectations and needs. To have a multicultural point of view of different European organizations will help and encourage them to face a new challenge: to develop or to improve Erasmus+ Mobility projects in their VET centers!