The methodology of European Union and Western Balkans schools talk on mobility

The teacher training dedicated to Intervet WB transfers and enriches the methodology developed through the Mobiliteach experience into an online collaborative learning environment.

What does it mean? 

During the training event facilitators will guide the participants throughout a mix of activities that will increase their competences in planning and managing mobility projects. Peer to peer learning activities will take the turn with experts’ lectures, in order to stimulate the discussion and let participants grasp information through the interaction with their foreign colleagues. By working in small groups, VET teachers and staff will support, review and provide feedback and suggestions to one another  for improving the quality of their learning mobility offer. 

The exchange and the development of competences will also be enhanced thanks to preparatory activities that will allow participants to explore their fellows’ context. 

“European Union and Western Balkans schools talk on mobility” has been designed in order to meet different training needs of VET teachers from all over Europe. Thanks to this summer school, they will discover other countries’ VET systems, exchange and learn about good practices in learning mobility, take inspiration from other experiences and get in contact with new potential  partners.