The project behind Design for Europe

Following a first successful meeting in June 2018 during  the first edition of the Mobiliteach Summer School, the idea of Design for Europe  was born from our two complementary experiences.

Design for Europe combines Golinelli’s competences on new teaching methods and Uniser skills on the design of Erasmus + training mobility experiences into a new training offer addressing the needs of Italian and international schools .

UNISER is a cooperative based in Italy that provides services for learning mobility since 1998. The core activity is the design and organisation of experiences abroad for schools and training centers wishing to to integrate mobility in their curricula offering  to their learners and staff internships in Europe.

In this framework, Uniser coordinates the Mobiliteach project with the aim of sharing its own experience and network,  supporting and reinforcing the community of VET teachers and mobility coordinators dedicated to learning mobility.

FONDAZIONE GOLINELLI is a  totally operative foundation deals with education, training and culture to nurture the intellectual and ethical growth of young people and society.

At present it is made of four departments: School (Scuola), Research and higher education (Ricerca e alta formazione), Enterprise (Impresa) and Art and science (Arti e scienze.  Specifically, the “School” project area has the following objectives:

  • promote science education and creativity in children through hands-on lab;
  • inspire adolescents and young people to study science and technology through experimentation;
  • develop multidisciplinary courses on entrepreneurship education and innovation culture;
  • support schools in the development of innovative internship programmes for high school students connecting schools and work;
  • support innovation in didactics by offering teacher training as well as courses for teachers in service.