Internationalisation@home First Edition

5-7 October 2022, Bilbao

The idea of this training originated from the fact that nowadays internationalization represents an important part of the education curricula only for a small minority of students. A specific set of tools and training can help teachers structure internationalization education in the curriculum and train their VET students to become resilient global citizens who can manifest themselves in an increasingly international working environment. 

Designed within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus project  “Build@Home”,  the first edition of Train the Trainers foresees a series of workshops aimed at:

  • gaining a common understanding on what internationalisation@home means and starting exploring which practices are already in existence in the participating organisations;
  • identifying the reference framework for interantionalisation@home activities in their school or classrooms;
  • tailoring the internationalisation@home activities according to their context needs;
  • collecting all internationalisation@homea ctivities material developed by partners.

Every teacher who attends will be able to develop and implement teaching materials that fit in with the regular curriculum, but are connected to an international context of the relevant work field by using the instruments developed in the Build@Home project.

Discover the draft program of the event here