Genially is a platform for creating Interactive learning experiences which engage learners. Through Genially it is possible to create many different didactic resources such as: presentations, games, interactive images, maps, infographics, learning experiences, video presentations, reports, CVs, etc. It is well suited for all levels of education (primary, secondary, and above) and its contents can be integrated in E-Learning courses. The platform allows collaborative work, so different teachers can work on the developent on the same content at the same time, and it is cloud-based, hence all the work done is automatically saved and stored online.

Examples of application:

Example of synchronous activity: the content produced with Genially can be used in class to present new topics in a way that is more appealing for students and catch their attention.

Example of asynchronous activity: presentations, learning experiences and interactive content in general created with Genially can be used to give students assignments at home.

Area: content creation
Interaction: YES
Type of Interaction: synchronous, asynchronous
Language: EN, ES, FR
Available for free: YES
Suggested for working with: entire class, groups of students, individual students
Related Tools: Nearpod, Canva, Prezi