Flippity includes 25 web apps that can easily turn a google spreadsheet into a set of online games and exercises, such as: flash cards, badge creator, spelling quiz, memory games, word search, and more. Games can be created by filling the spreadsheet templates that are available for each web app, with answer and questions, definitions, topics, etc. It is possible to skip the use of spreadsheet for creating games, but only for 11 web apps. Once the game has been created, it can be easily shared with a link.

Examples of application:

Teachers can use Flippity for a variety of purposes: to present topics to the class using funny games, to assess individual students with tests, or to have students make their own creations.

Area: interactive games and activities
Interaction: YES
Type of Interaction: synchronous, asynchronous
Language: EN
Available for free: YES
Suggested for working with: entire class, groups of students, individual students
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