Vimeo and YouTube

Youtube and vimeo are online platforms for sharing videos. These platforms let you create a channel where you can store all your videos. Channels can be created for individuals or for organisations. You can also create playlists of videos.

With YouTube it is possible to stream live videos for free, while Vimeo asks for a membership fee.

Examples of application:

Video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo can be used in many ways for education purposes.

Examples of syncronous activity:
– Initiating a class: videos can be showed at the beginning of a class to introduce the topics of the lesson
– Initiating a debate: after presenting a subject, videos can be used during a class to engage students and ask their opinions about what they have seen

Examples of asyncronous activity:
– Pro-active participation: students can be asked by their teachers to produce videos that document what they have learned as an assignment or a test.
– Deepening a subject at home: after the class has been dismissed, teachers can assign students to whatch videos that explore more in details the topics presented in a lesson. Some excercices can also be assigned together with the video.

Area: educational resources
Interaction: NO
Language: multiple languages
Available for free: YES
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